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Ostia Antica and Castel Gandolfo: two ancient military camps from different ages to different fates.

Forty-five minutes drive from Rome, rise Ostia Antica the ancient port town of Rome. Built in the 4th century BC as a Castrum, a military defensive position, its purpose was to protect Rome from pirates attacks. Through the centuries its economy flourished; the town was enriched by the construction of a new harbor on the northern mouths of the Tiber river. After the end of the Roman Empire, it was slowly abandoned and covered with sands from the river. Today Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site, discovered and exploited since the thirties.

After your archaeological walk we will reach the area of the lakes of the Castelli Romani, the area where the Roman army stationed in peacetime. Here you can enjoy a great lunch facing the view of Castel Gandolfo’s lake and visit some archaeological remains in the surrounding.

The summer Sundays you can also see the Holy Father bless the crowd. The town is home of the papal summer residence where the Holy Father bless the crowd every summer Sunday.

  • From: Rome and Civitavecchia Port
  • Fares starting from: 430€ (from Rome) - 500€ (from Civitavecchia) - for two people
  • Duration: 8 hours

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